How does LifeServe Partners choose Insurance Carriers?

LifeServ exercises a comprehensive due diligence process that holds Insurance Carriers to the highest standards. We only select those that can provide the greatest value to our partners and to the end consumer. At the same time, our providers must maintain a strong financial position in order to pay future claims.

Why should I choose to do business with LifeServ?

Lifeserv utilizes an established network of carriers, receiving many added benefits from them as well as other member agencies, that are then passed on to our partners and their clients. These benefits include dedicated carrier resources that streamline your business, new life insurance solutions, and information sharing to assure you receive the most current and useful information.  Also, as a LifeServ Partner, you would be eligible to receive top level commissions to increase your profitability.

What is the reason I would switch to LifeServ and leave my current relationship?

Most professionals don’t have the time to deal with life insurance. Referring their clients to sales professionals is an extra step that can waste valuable time. Our turnkey package provides an “in-house” solution to life insurance while allowing you to focus on managing relationships with your clients.

How is LifeServ different?

LifeServ Partners is unlike typical Broker General Agencies in that we work directly with business professionals and not with full-time salespeople.  Most professionals have clients with an insurance or financial planning need, but their only method of dealing with this need is through referrals. LifeServ allows professionals to retain insurance clients as their own. Those professionals can then collect commission and participate in the upside as the business grows. This process removes the need to refer to a salesman, allowing the professional a faster turnaround and creating a partnership that brings added revenue.