About Us


A True Partnership

LifeServ Partners is unlike typical Broker General Agencies in that we work directly with business professionals and not with full-time salespeople.  Most professionals have clients with an insurance or financial planning need but their only method of dealing with this need is through referrals. LifeServ changes that.  In forming a LifeServ Partnership, professionals now have a way to retain insurance clients as their own and can participate in the upside as the business grows.

We partner with professionals who may have clients that need life insurance or a life insurance based tax strategy but who do not have the tools or the experience necessary to provide solutions.  These professionals can either have the paperwork filled out and sent to one of our certified experts to take care of the rest, or LifeServ can handle the request from start to finish.  Instead of just referring outside salespeople, you now have an in-house means of taking on life insurance business.

LifeServ was formed with a very unique goal in mind: cut out the middleman and directly provide insurance services and expertise to professionals like CPAs, Attorneys and Property & Casualty Professionals.  This business model provides a number of clear-cut benefits.  Without the need to refer clients to an insurance salesperson, a LifeServ Partnership allows for substantially faster turnaround.  Our partnership also establishes an entity with professionals that can be licensed and allows for a share in revenues.